Becky Lynch Posts Picture From WWE SummerSlam Photo Shoot After Being Taken Off Card

Becky Lynch was scheduled to square off with Trish Stratus at WWE SummerSlam this Saturday in a rematch from Night of Champions, but the match was pushed back to two weeks from now on "WWE Raw" to the frustrations of many, including Lynch herself.

"The Man" took to Instagram to post a carousel of promotional photos for the upcoming Premium Live Event, featuring her posing in a sparkly silver outfit with a blue sports car in the background. "This was the shoot I did for Summerslam...." Lynch captioned the pictures.

Stratus took to her own Instagram page to post a cryptic message of her own. "So tired of this s***," Stratus wrote alongside a picture of her brawling with Lynch in the timekeeper's area.

Although the message could be echoing that of Lynch's, it could also refer to the ongoing program between the pair and the events that transpired during Monday's episode of "Raw." Stratus attempted a clever way of evading her rematch with Lynch by having ally Zoey Stark quickly force a disqualification. This ultimately backfired on the veteran star as WWE official Adam Pearce announced that the pair would be squaring off in two weeks.

Lynch has been looking for redemption since coming up short against the WWE Hall of Famer during their first bout at Night of Champions earlier this year. Issues between the pair date back to April, when Stratus betrayed Lynch after they lost the Women's Tag Team titles to Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez on "Raw."