Video: Why Kevin Owens Was So Excited WWE SummerSlam 2023 Took Place In Detroit

Earlier this month, WWE SummerSlam came to Detroit, Michigan, and with the event came hundreds of performers and crew, not to mention the thousands of fans traveling from out of town for the show. One of the people most excited to visit Detroit was Kevin Owens, but his reasons didn't have anything to do with wrestling. WWE posted a video to YouTube today showing Owens' trip to the Detroit Zoo.


"SummerSlam's great, but it being in Detroit is even better," Owens said. "You know why I was truly, absolutely, incredibly excited? It's because every single time WWE comes to town, I try to make it out here, and we never get to because we have very little time in the cities where we wrestle. However, because it's SummerSlam, we come out days early to do media, do appearances, [and] all this stuff. Man, I knew that I finally could make it out to the Detroit Zoo."

The video showed Owens visiting the zoo's indoor penguin exhibit, taking a ride around the zoo in a train, feeding giraffes, and spending some time in an underwater tunnel surrounded by swimming polar bears. Owens even took a few moments to yell at a few children to stop fighting — playfully, of course.


"So far, probably the greatest day of my life," Owens stated. "But the jury is still out. Let's see, but it's gonna be up there. Top five, probably — easily."

Owens is currently dealing with an injury keeping him out of action, with no timetable for a return. He still holds the "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Championships alongside partner Sami Zayn. Zayn himself was previously dealing with an injury but made a return on this week's "Raw," beating JD McDonagh in singles action.