Potential Update On Thunder Rosa's Plans For Upcoming AEW All In

While it's been quite some time since fans have seen Thunder Rosa in an AEW ring, that doesn't mean she hasn't been around the promotion, performing Spanish commentary duties for AEW TV since February. And it appears she'll be continuing those duties for the biggest event in AEW history. On Twitter, Rosa revealed that she will be providing Spanish commentary for All In at London's Wembley Stadium in just a week and a half. Rosa appears ready to have a busy trip over to the UK, as she also put up a poll asking fans if she should hold an autograph signing on August 25, just two days before All In.


Despite Rosa's presence in the Spanish announcing booth, many fans remain anxious about when they will be able to see her in an AEW ring once more. The former AEW Women's World Champion has been out of action for over a year due to a back injury. Rosa remained AEW Women's Champion initially, and an Interim Title was created, but she was eventually forced to vacate the championship a few months later when it became apparent she would be unable to compete moving forward.

While there is still no firm date for Rosa's in-ring return, it is believed it is closer than ever to occurring, with Rosa revealing last week she was scheduled for a 5-minute test match prior to "AEW Collision" this past Saturday night. Upon her return, Rosa is expected to be a key player on the "Collision" brand, having been advertised for the show since it was announced back in April.