Rush Reportedly Pushed For AEW Stars To Accompany Him At AAA TripleMania XXXI

TripleMania XXXI finally wrapped up this past Saturday with the third and final show of Lucha Libre AAA's three-part extravaganza, which saw Sam Adonis get his head shaved after a four-way match featuring Psycho Clown, LA Park, and AEW's Rush. But Rush wasn't alone on Saturday night in Mexico City, being accompanied to the ring by his father, Bestia del Ring, brother Dralistico, and fellow AEW stars and La Facción Ingobernables members Preston Vance and Jose the Assistant.


The appearances of Rush's stablemates appear to have all been at the behest of the AEW star. Haus of Wrestling reports that Dralistico and Bestia del Ring were the only ones originally earmarked to accompany Rush to the ring, and that Rush requested Vance and Jose accompany him, as well. Rush was said to have gone as far as to suggest that AEW owner Tony Khan wanted Vance and Jose in Rush's corner, something that confused AAA higher-ups, who hadn't requested Vance and Jose appear at the event.

The request by Rush was said to have caused tension between him and AAA, adding to what has been a roller coaster year between the two sides — 2023 has already seen Rush and AAA part ways, only to work together again. In addition, there was also said to be tension between LA Park and Konnan, AAA's booker, over the four-way match. While it's unclear what the issues between Park and Konnan were, the two have a long history with each other, both from their time in AAA over the years and from working together in WCW back in the 90s, when Park wrestled as La Parka.


Rush And Jose The Assistant Deny Haus of Wrestling's Report

While neither Vance nor Khan have commented on the matter as yet, two others have already denied the report. Jose the Assistant was the first, taking to Twitter to call the report "bulls***" and claiming the story was done just for clicks; he would reiterate his beliefs in a follow-up Tweet, saying he and Rush knew the real story.


Not long after, Rush would take to Twitter himself to likewise deny the events as laid out by Haus of Wrestling. The AEW star said that Vance and Jose had accompanied him to the ring because he had wanted them to, and that AAA, including Vice President Dorian Roldan, knew they would be at the show in advance. Rush would further claim that Roldan welcomed Vance and Jose warmly, and even provided tickets for guests the two men brought with them. Rush ended the tweet by demanding that story be retracted.


Haus of Wrestling's Nick Hausman has responded to the denials, saying he stands by his story and that "If Dorian knew they were coming and would be involved in the match, that's not something that was let known to many people in AAA that were in and around the match until the day of the show."