Mikey Whipwreck & Tommy Dreamer Question Putting Adam Cole & MJF On AEW All In Pre-Show

ECW legends Mikey Whipwreck and Tommy Dreamer have joined others such as Eric Bischoff in criticizing AEW's decision to have AEW World Champion MJF and Adam Cole wrestle on the All In pre-show. Earlier this month, AEW announced that MJF and Cole — ahead of their main event bout at Wembley Stadium — will team up to challenge Aussie Ope's Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis for the ROH World Tag Team Championship.


"I just find it odd that your main event of your biggest show ever ... you're putting them in a pre-show match," Whipwreck said on "Busted Open," while speculating that AEW could be doing the match to set up a heel turn for either MJF or Cole, a sentiment that Dreamer did not agree with. "Yeah, I have no clue," Dreamer admitted. "I would have personally had that match the next week after the pay-per-view, like, 'Hey, whatever happens — whoever is the world champion — we're gonna fight these guys because we don't have any animosity going into it.'"

Dreamer also speculated that MJF making Cole sign a contract, without the latter going through the terms, could be a set-up that could lead to "The Devil" revealing his true intentions at All In. As fascinating as some of the permutations and combinations sound, Whipreck is still not convinced that MJF and Cole need to wrestle on the pre-show. 


"I'm kinda intrigued on the whole MJF-Adam Cole thing, just from the little bit I saw," Whipreck said. "But throwing them into the pre-show ... I don't know, I just don't see Steve Austin and The Rock wrestle on a pre-show of WrestleMania. Okay, if they're doing an angle to set something up later ... but it'd have to play out."