More Details On WWE Superstar Spectacle Event In India

After it was announced yesterday that John Cena would be wrestling at WWE Superstar Spectacle in India on September 8, more details are emerging about the international live event. Speaking on today's "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer had information on what can be expected and how the event came together.


According to Meltzer, the building is set up for somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 seats, and the event will be broadcast on TV in India, similar to the first WWE Superstar Spectacle in 2021. WWE's business partners based in India have brought them in for the show, and Meltzer believes the program will air in prime time on a Sony network. Superstar Spectacle was originally supposed to take place earlier this year, but it was delayed due to a merger involving Sony in India.

Additionally, the plan is to heavily feature the company's Indian talent on the show, with Sanga, Veer, and Jinder Mahal all mentioned by Meltzer. All three men have been relatively rare sights in recent months, with Veer and Sanga usually wrestling just once every few weeks.


The first Superstar Spectacle was in January 2021, with a six-man main event pitting Drew McIntyre, Veer, and Sanga (then known as Rinku and Saurav) against Mahal and The Bollywood Boyz. Samir and Sunil Singh, The Bollywood Boyz, were released by WWE in June 2021.

It's unknown who Cena's opponent will be for this year's Superstar Spectacle, but he will be wrestling for the first time since WWE WrestleMania 39 in April when he suffered a loss to Austin Theory. It's not just fans in India who can expect to see Cena in the coming weeks, as it was also revealed yesterday that "The Champ" will be appearing on the September 1 edition of "WWE SmackDown."