Video: AEW Fight Forever's Stadium Stampede Mode Is Now Available — See It In Action

The Stadium Stampede match will be returning to AEW for the first time in two years at All In. But fans can get a taste of the wild in-stadium a little sooner than this Sunday at Wembley Stadium with Stadium Stampede mode now available for the "AEW: Fight Forever" video game across all platforms. 


The match was added to the game today in conjunction with this weekend's pay-per-view. And a new trailer for the post-release addition showcases what you can expect, intercut with copious amounts of footage from Stadium Stampedes of the past, featuring numerous weapons, a golf cart, and even a horse.

First announced as DLC for "Fight Forever" back in July, the Stadium Stampede mode will differentiate a bit from the actual Stadium Stampede Match. Here, 30 participants competing under some version of battle royal rules seeking to be the last wrestler standing in order to claim victory. While the mode has been advertised for online gameplay, AEW Games hasn't been crystal clear as to whether or not "Fight Forever" players will be able to play the game offline as well. Unlike other DLC packages for "Fight Forever," Stadium Stampede is free for download to all players.


Released nearly two months after "Fight Forever" dropped, Stadium Stampede is expected to be among the first of many new features added to AEW's first-ever console video game over time. The game is expected to be a single release with new add-ons released periodically as opposed to a new edition arriving annually, much like the "WWE 2K" series.