Santos Escobar Makes The Case For WWE WrestleMania In Mexico City

WWE has gone international with quite a few premium live events this year, sending fans into speculation mode about the possibility of WrestleMania taking place outside of the continental United States. Backlash in Puerto Rico created an incredible atmosphere for both fans and wrestlers alike, pushing Santos Escobar to also think about what could be next.


"Piggybacking off that success, I've been lobbying to get a PLE show in Mexico City," Escobar told "Ten Count." "Why not WrestleMania — the Aztec Stadium? 100,000 people in attendance, and of course I guarantee Santos Escobar is coming out on top, if that happens."

The U.K. has proven to be a popular candidate for an international WrestleMania, especially since John Cena raised the possibility of it earlier this year at Money In The Bank. However, other markets have proven to be just as strong for WWE over the years, including Mexico. Two recent SuperShows south of the border led to records being broken

The shows were the most attended and highest-grossing live events in Mexico in 12 years, with 25,000 fans attending across the two nights. The show in Mexico City also set a record for the most merchandise being sold there in WWE history, and turning a profit is something WWE always looks at for booking big shows. There is certainly a market and a demand in Mexico for bigger events, whether it be a premium live event of any kind or even WrestleMania.


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