Jimmy Korderas Believes Someone Needs To 'Get A Handle' On Backstage AEW Issue

Sunday night saw AEW's biggest event to date take place with All In at Wembley Stadium, and the show is rightfully still dominating wrestling news. Unfortunately, it isn't because of the high-profile matches or historic attendance figures, but because of the backstage issues that took place between Jack Perry and CM Punk, issues Jimmy Korderas wants to see sorted.


"That should not dominate the news cycle, especially after such a historic event for that company," Korderas said on his latest "Reffin Rant." "I want to see where they're going to continue to grow from this hopefully, but if people are going to be talking about CM Punk and Jack Perry having a squabble backstage for lack of a better term, that is a problem. Someone needs to take care of this and get a handle on things."

It isn't the first time AEW has come out of a major event only for people to talk about a negative backstage incident. While Korderas felt that All In was a great show with a great crowd, it is ultimately not what people are talking about. Perry and Punk were allegedly involved in a physical altercation to the point where both men ended up being asked to leave Wembley Stadium, an altercation stemming from Punk having taken issue with Perry attempting to use real glass during a segment earlier this summer. While Korderas does want to see someone take control, AEW is taking steps to try and resolve the issue between Punk and Perry. The company has suspended both men pending a full investigation into what took place, which means they are expected to miss All Out this weekend in Chicago.


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