Richard Holliday Has Very Little Interest In Doing A Death Match While With GCW

Since beating Hodgkin's Lymphoma and leaving MLW earlier in 2023, Richard Holliday has kept himself busy on the independent circuit, primarily for Northeastern promotion Beyond Wrestling. But he recently stepped a bit outside of his comfort zone, heading over to GCW to challenge Blake Christian for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship back in July.


In an interview with "Haus of Wrestling," Holliday described the event as "awesome," awesome enough that it won't be the last time he's seen in a GCW ring.

"Awesome, it was electric," Holliday said. "GCW, I think some people do have that perception of 'Grizzled death match. Hardcore, blood, guts, all that. But I think they recognize when a star is a star, and the time was right to have me there. It was an electric environment, my first match was for the Heavyweight Championship. What an environment it was. It was such a good show, and I am back for GCW on September 10, in Brooklyn."

Despite the good experience, Holliday and GCW don't seem to go entirely hand in hand, due to Holliday not exactly embracing the death match style. As of right now, it's not something he'd be keen to do in GCW, though he didn't entirely close the door.


"Let's go with the word 'no,'" Holliday said. "I would say no. I think that's fair to say. Now, if the right ... Listen, I've been known to get blood on other people. Ask my friend Hammerstone, who I have made up with by the way. Me and Hammerstone are cool again. I've bloodied him up, so ... you know, I guess I can not definitively say no. Let's go with the very classic wrestling term of 'never say never.'"

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