Brian Gewirtz On Bray Wyatt Performer Windham Rotunda's Film & TV Options Outside WWE

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz feels that Windham Rotunda, who portrayed the Bray Wyatt character in WWE, should've naturally progressed to becoming an actor, much like The Rock, John Cena, and Batista. 


Gewirtz was a recent guest on "Ten Count," where he spoke about Wyatt and praised his acting skills. He stated that Wyatt's character was way ahead of its time in the wrestling world, but thinks that he would've done well in the movie industry.

"When we talked about it before, you know, the ascension or progression from WWE to film and television with Rock and Cena and Batista and several others have made inroads," Gewirtz began. "But, you know, in the back of my mind, and back of probably lots and lots of people's minds, that was where you could easily see Bray/Wyndham ascending to because he's such a good actor and such a good performer. He has such great instincts and so genuine because you know this scary guy, this horror character, is really ahead of his time in a wrestling world. It's difficult in a wrestling world."


Wyatt never got a chance to showcase his acting chops on the big screen, but he was supposed to feature in a horror film which was delayed due to the late star returning to the ring last year.

Gewirtz stated that Wyatt was working on a different plane compared to the rest of the roster and that he was a remarkable performer, but an even better person. 

Wyatt was regarded as a creative genius by fans and veterans of the industry for the stories that he conjured up in his WWE career. Mick Foley recently called the late star a "genius" for having the ability to mesmerize and capture the imagination of the audience, while Booker T suggested that he was a generational talent.