Backstage Update On Jack Perry's Reported Reaction To AEW Glass Story Leaking

The reports of Jack Perry wanting to use real glass for an AEW spot and being denied by CM Punk are something that created shock waves across pro wrestling, with the eventual aftermath at All In leading to both men being suspended. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Perry himself thought that the news getting out to the public made it look like he was trying to find a way to miss a show, due to how it was reported. 


At the time of the incident, Perry didn't say anything about it publicly, or make a big deal out of it backstage. Other wrestlers believed that the situation was settled, but then the information came out when the issues between Punk and Ryan Nemeth were made public. The belief was that Perry had hoped to use real glass in a spot, and he was due to be on vacation following it. He had apparently had the plan okayed by others beforehand, only for Punk to make it clear that they wouldn't be using glass because of the danger involved, with Perry reportedly feeling that Punk made that decision due to the former's friendship with The Young Bucks.

Once the situation became known to everyone, Perry decided to use it as part of his match against HOOK at Wembley Stadium, saying to "cry me a river" after he pointed out he used real glass when dropping HOOK onto the car windshield. This then had a ripple effect later in the night when he and Punk got into a physical altercation, leading to the suspension of both pending an investigation by AEW. The future of both men remains unclear, with boss Tony Khan refusing to give a clear comment about it during his recent media scrum.