Backstage Update On Carlito's Reported WWE Contract Status

Ever since his surprise appearance at WWE Backlash earlier this year, Carlito's potential WWE return has been a hot topic. It was reported back in June that the former Intercontinental Champion had re-signed with the company, but since that point, he hasn't made a television appearance. Despite that, on the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer did confirm that Carlito is signed with WWE. He also revealed that Carlito had a start date and was even there in person, but WWE's creative team couldn't figure out what to do with him and they are still struggling with that, hence why he hasn't turned up on television.

There had been speculation that Carlito was going to re-debut with the company at the "WWE SmackDown" show in Madison Square Garden back in July, and while it is unclear whether that was the show Meltzer was referring to, that never came to fruition. WWE has previously signed wrestlers and had them on the sidelines, with the likes of Harry Smith and Eric Young being recent examples who never ended up wrestling on television before being released again. 

Whether that happens to Carlito remains to be seen, but he did receive a huge pop in Puerto Rico earlier this year when he came to the aid of the LWO during Damian Priest's match against Bad Bunny. He had previously said he was, "Open to whatever," following that appearance, and he even teased that "the rumors are true," during his most recent independent show, adding fuel to the fire about his expected WWE return. However, right now it remains to be seen when the WWE Universe will get to see "Caribbean Cool" appear once again.