Why Jeff Jarrett Says Only CM Punk & Tony Khan Know Full Context Of AEW Departure

AEW Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett weighed in on CM Punk's recent firing from All Elite Wrestling.

In its official statement, AEW confirmed that Punk's termination stemmed from "an incident" that occurred at the All In pay-per-view on Sunday, August 27. Following this incident, which many believe is the alleged backstage altercation that unfolded between Punk and Jack Perry, the company launched an internal investigation with the AEW Discipline Committee and outside legal counsel. Upon their advisement, AEW President Tony Khan then decided to fire the former AEW World Champion. Speaking on "My World," Jarrett reiterated that only two people know the full extent of the circumstances surrounding Punk's exit.


"I really believe this. There's only two people in the world that have full contexts. And I think some people would say, 'Well, I knew this or I knew that or I knew this.' Well, you may, but you don't know what Tony knows and you don't know what Phil [CM Punk] knows. You just don't. Nobody does but them two."

Lessons From The Past

When asked for more details on Punk's termination during the post-AEW All Out press conference, Khan said he's hesitant to discuss those terms due to the complexity of the legal verbiage involved with the agreement. As the wrestling world waits for more information, Jarrett commended Khan for addressing the fans in a public manner prior to the start of "Collison" on Saturday. Jarrett also believes that this approach was in complete alignment with a move his father, former wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett, would've made if he had been put in the same situation.


"Whatever the bad news was, [Jerry] was a huge proponent of 'get in front of it,'" Jarrett said. "There's no upside to – and I don't say sweep it under the rug, but if a decision has been made and you have the ability to communicate with your paying customers, do it. There is no gray area."

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