Jake The Snake Roberts Has Interesting Choice For WWE Retirement Match: Vince McMahon

Retirement matches are a longstanding trope in professional wrestling, from the late, great Terry Funk's many retirements to Ric Flair's infamous 2022 retirement bout. Speaking on his podcast, "The Snake Pit," former WWE star Jake "The Snake" Roberts recently discussed the fact he never got to have a retirement match, and shared who he would have liked to get in the ring with for his final time if he were given the opportunity to retire at WWE WrestleMania.


"Vince McMahon, so I could f***ing kick his ass," Roberts said jokingly. "I'd love to DDT that motherf***er on a chair. [I'd] drop him on the concrete like I did 'Steamboat.'" When asked what he thought he would get paid for such a match, Roberts replied by saying the payday would likely be as bad as they always had been.

The history between Roberts and McMahon is quite complicated. The two had a working relationship throughout much of the 1980s and parts of the 1990s, but Roberts recalls a vindictive side to McMahon. The WWE Hall of Famer has said that McMahon had once promised him Pat Patterson's job when Patterson retired, but according to Roberts, McMahon broke his promise.

There is no denying that McMahon is one of the most controversial figures in the history of professional wrestling, as well as the most financially successful. In recent days, McMahon has been under the spotlight as a federal investigation continues behind the scenes to determine his culpability in a sexual misconduct scandal. That scandal allegedly saw McMahon paying out cash settlements to keep women quiet about what they'd experienced while working with WWE, sometimes because of interactions with McMahon directly. In the past, McMahon's controversies have included allegations of steroid distribution, ruthless business practices, and much more.


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