Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Praises 'Amazing Feat' By AEW

A lot has occurred since AEW All In two weeks ago, including a CM Punk firing and AEW All Out, but people are still talking about the event at Wembley Stadium. That includes Kevin Sullivan, who talked about what he felt was the biggest thing AEW pulled off with All In on "Tuesday With The Taskmaster."


"They sold at least, and correct me if I'm wrong ... didn't they sell 70,000 tickets before they announced a card?" Sullivan said. "To me, that is an amazing feat."

Sullivan was surprised by Tony Khan's decision to fire Punk, he ultimately believes it was the right call and could be a positive for AEW overall.

"We're going to look back at this, and I have no qualms with CM Punk," Sullivan said. "He's a star, he draws money. But we're going to look back at this day and say, 'This is the day they turned their company completely around.' Because when 'Collision' comes, and I figure, I shouldn't say I know, I figure that Danielson knows how to book.

"I'm sure he hasn't just booked one week, he's booked – not that they'll stay that way – but he's probably booked three months out, minimum. And then, when he gets through with the show, the first show, he'll go and correct the second show. I think WWE better watch out. Don't rest on your laurels guys. You've had a hell of a run, everything has fallen into place. But I think you're going to find out, that with Danielson in there, there's going to be a complete change, and it will be for the better."


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