Tiffany Stratton Praises Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus' Cage Match At WWE Payback

After their heated feud spanned months, Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch headed into WWE Payback finally looking to settle the score — inside the confines of a steel cage. Lynch had already expressed a desire to make the match "as brutal as possible," and the opening contest on the card certainly delivered on that front. Trish Stratus walked away with a defeat and a sizable bruise in the middle of her forehead from the brutality. "NXT" Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton, who was in attendance during the match was a big fan of what she witnessed.


"Honestly, that match was insane. I feel like that was one of the best cage matches of all time," Stratton told WWE's "The Bump." "Every time that I thought it was going to end, it didn't. They definitely got me. I just thought it was an amazing match. It was so cool to see in person and hearing the crowd, it was insane. And I hope to have a moment like that one day."

During their battle, Stratus and Lynch both paid homage to Victoria and Lita, who wrestled in WWE's first-ever women's cage match back in 2003. Lynch pulled out the Twist of Fate from her former tag team partner while Stratus hit Lynch with the Widow's Peak that Victoria used to employ.

But Stratton was more than just a spectator at Payback, having a bit of a confrontation backstage to feed into next week's episode of "WWE NXT." There, Lynch will have the opportunity to capture the "NXT" Women's Championship when she challenges Stratton for the strap.


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