Bully Ray Praises Range Of Emotions Evoked By Recent WWE Creative

The September 4 episode of "WWE Raw" seemed to evoke a variety of emotions from the "Busted Open Radio" crew. While Mark Henry found himself rolling with tears from headlining match between Chad Gable and Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, Bully Ray experienced a burst of compassion for one of WWE's most notorious heels stemming from backstage segment that featured Dominik Mysterio and Jey Uso.


"[Dom is] hated, absolutely hated, gets booed out of the building — but now he's tugging at your heartstrings," Ray said, referencing Mysterio's somewhat vulnerable interaction with Uso. Upon his arrival on "Raw," Uso has been met with mixed response in the locker room. Sami Zayn welcomed him with open arms, for example, but other stars have offered him nothing but stern glares. Mysterio, on the other hand, chose an empathetic approach. During his pitch for Uso to join The Judgment Day, Mysterio pointed out the similarities between them — such as their "messed up families" and their Hall of Fame fathers. Through this conversation, Mysterio elicited a rare feeling of sympathy from Bully Ray.


"See what happens when this is done the right way? Then when it's all over, you're saying to yourself, 'What the hell. Did I just feel bad for him? I hate Dom Mysterio.' This is the importance of emotion. It's the No. 1 thing that wrestling is built on — emotional connection, not emotionally connecting to a move," Ray stated.

During their "Raw" conversation, Mysterio reiterated that The Judgment Day is willing to lend their support to the former Bloodline member in his transition to Monday nights. Jey Uso has yet to take Mysterio up on the group's offer.

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