Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of WWE's The Bump

In a strange turn of events, it seems Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey will appear live on tomorrow on WWE's "The Bump." It's unclear why exactly McConaughey is appearing on the show, as the current SAG/AFTRA and WGA strikes prevent the actor from promoting standard film and TV projects. Regardless of the strike, it's strange for McConaughey to appear on "The Bump" rather than one of WWE's flagship shows. Fans will have to wait and see if tomorrow's appearance is leading to the actor getting involved in WWE, or if he simply had some free time and said yes to a quick appearance.

McConaughey is a noted fan of professional wrestling, with the Texas native recalling being kicked out of an event in the 1980s for spitting on King Kong Bundy before sneaking back into the show and getting kicked out yet again. Additionally, the actor has discussed his love of wrestling on TV, and even hinted at getting in the ring himself in recent years. Last year, WWE star Kevin Owens even named McConaughey as his desired celebrity opponent, stating that the actor visited backstage in the past but Owens hadn't yet had a chance to meet him.

After a stretch of impactful roles, McConaughey seems to have taken somewhat of a break from acting in the last few years (via IMDB). The actor had no credits in 2020 and 2022, and just one voice acting role in both 2021 and this year so far. Throughout the 2010s, McConaughey gathered acclaim for his roles in movies such as "Mud," the "Magic Mike" series, Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," and more.