Booker T Confirms Former NXT Stars The Dyad/Grizzled Young Veterans Have Left WWE

Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, collectively known as The Dyad in WWE (formerly the Grizzled Young Veterans), have left the company. This comes after the team previously requested their release back in April, only to be denied.

According to "NXT" commentator Booker T on his "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Fowler and Reid left WWE following a segment on Tuesday's "NXT" where The Schism's Joe Gacy and Ava indicated the pair were no longer with the group. When discussing Jade Cargill's reported interest in jumping from AEW to WWE and who Booker T thought would fit well in WWE, he mentioned The Dyad and their departure.

"A couple of guys who just exited from the WWE as well, The Dyad. Those guys just let their contract run out, they're going to be leaving the company," Booker T said. "They may be showing up in AEW, you never know. They may be going back to the U.K. Reid, Fowler, those guys were actually two of my favorites and I thought they had something good going for them. Just recall the Young, Grizzled Veterans ... I liked those guys and I hate to see them go."

The stars, formerly known as James Drake and Zack Gibson, were reportedly expected to have an angle that would play out on "NXT" television leading to their departure. As seen on Tuesday, that was not the case, with Gacy and Ava brushing off their disappearance, saying their "tree was dying" and they now "stand alone."

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