Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Explains Surprising Way He'd Book WWE's Bloodline

The story of The Bloodline may have slowed a bit as of late, and everyone still has their own theories about where the angle is ultimately. But during his podcast — "Tuesday with The Taskmaster" – this week, Kevin Sullivan proposed the idea of going back to a familiar well to breathe some life back into things. 


"I would bring them back together, and I'd bring Sami into it somehow — him trying to get back in — because I thought he did his best work," he propositioned. "Then you have the history of him and Kevin [Owens] being opponents, being friends." 

Zayn broke away from The Bloodline at the beginning of the year, with the chairshot heard 'round the wrestling world on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. That led to him challenging for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber, followed by him and Owens becoming Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions in the main event of Night One of WrestleMania 39

However, Sullivan believes the faction was at its best with Zayn, due to his acting ability, which is one reason he'd like to plug him back in. "I said this was the best angle I've ever seen in my life; it seems like they've kind of dropped it," he expressed. "We don't know, really, the dates on Roman may be the problem. I certainly would think the way they did it before couldn't have been done any better, so maybe you go back to what got you to the dance."


Sullivan thinks The Bloodline managed to get a lot of people over, but it was Owens and Zayn that were their prime targets. Since their big WrestleMania win, Sullivan is of the mindset that they've cooled off and wants that corrected. 

"They were steaming hot. The one time when Sami came out when he was wrestling Roman in Montreal — how long was that ovation with them singing?" he asked. "They've got to get him back up and running, too, and Kevin."

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