Jim Ross Gets Cagey On Whether AEW Announcer Nigel McGuinness Will Return To The Ring

Nigel McGuinness has not competed in a match since 2011, working primarily as a commentator since that point. However, the Englishman has reportedly been preparing for an in-ring return, and Jim Ross has now revealed that McGuinness is currently in great shape. "I'm not sure if he's planning on a comeback somewhere down the road ... but he looks great and he's smart so who knows," Ross said on "Grilling JR." "I think he would be a great addition to the in-ring roster at some point in time, if he's physically able to do so."

McGuinness hung up his boots due to a Hepatitis B diagnosis reducing his opportunities after recovering from a torn biceps, but Ross believes if he was to get back into the ring it's something McGuinness would do right and would do realistically. He wouldn't be the first wrestler to come back from a career-ending issue either, with the likes of Saraya and Edge proving that it can be done.

"He was good, he still could be good. Again though, the missing ingredient is what took him out of the ring to begin with because he had a good career rolling. I can just tell you now, we dress in the same area and he's lean, he's in good shape, so I don't know if that's something to pay attention to down the road or not. He's a great addition, a good hire, Tony Khan made a good hire with Nigel." McGuinness has previously teased the idea of wrestling again to face his long-time rival Bryan Danielson, who was the man who inspired him to get back in shape. This led to some speculation about them wrestling at All In, but Danielson's injury brought an end to that.

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