Brandi Rhodes Details The Hardest Thing About Leaving AEW

Early last year, Brandi Rhodes left her multiple positions in AEW at the same time as her husband, Cody Rhodes. Prior to her departure, Rhodes was both an onscreen performer as well as the company's Chief Brand Officer, helping set up partnerships with non-profit organizations like Kulture City. Speaking to "Ring The Belle" regarding her AEW departure, Rhodes revealed which role was harder for her to leave.


"I did not plan to continue to wrestle beyond 40, and I'm now 40," Rhodes said. "Wrapping up the wrestling a year early [was] not so hard, because I already had that in mind. [The] Chief Brand Officer thing was something that I thought I could do for a really long time, so that was the part that was kind of like, 'Man, this stings.' Because that work was so great to be able to do."

During her tenure as AEW's CBO, Rhodes helped facilitate a partnership between AEW and the American Heart Foundation, along with her work supporting Kulture City. Together, Rhodes and Kulture City made it so individuals on the autism spectrum could more easily enjoy AEW live shows, utilizing sensory rooms as well as a kit provided at shows that includes noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses, and more.


In the same interview, Rhodes revealed that she was less bothered by the criticisms of the company's women's division being laid at her feet, but Rhodes felt rather hurt at the fact that no one in AEW stood up for her. After leaving AEW, Rhodes has stayed away from the wrestling industry, instead focusing on raising her daughter and her plans to become a small business owner.