AEW's Eddie Kingston Details Lessons He Learned From WWE Hall Of Famer Terry Funk

Even before Terry Funk passed away a month ago, Eddie Kingston wasn't shy about sharing his admiration for Funk. Even recently, he made it a point to pay tribute to his late hero, wearing a "Claudio Sucks Eggs" t-shirt at AEW All Out — a nod to a shirt Funk once wore during his feud with Dusty Rhodes.


On an appearance on AdFreeShow's "On Demand," Kingston talked about things he had learned from Funk with one being his acceptance of other styles. He felt some veterans were closed-minded about things like the Young Bucks' high-flying in the past. "I got that from Terry Funk," Kingston explained. "I'm just accepting of everything, because everything is pro wrestling. If I want this business to survive, I got to accept the changing, and I've got to accept what people like."

Another thing Kingston picked up from Funk was to get himself out there, travel, "eat the s**t" and improve one's craft, preparing to be ready when an opportunity came along. In the end, Kingston credits Funk for most of the important lessons he learned on the way to becoming the Ring of Honor and NJPW Strong Openweight Champion he is today.


"Terry Funk taught me how to be a professional wrestler when you break it all down: how to act, and how to think, and how to give back to the business," stated Kingston.

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