WWE's Becky Lynch On Capturing 'The One That Got Away,' The NXT Women's Championship

Of all the accomplishments Becky Lynch has achieved in WWE, one of the few accolades that had alluded her was the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship, despite competing regularly on the brand for more than a year. But Lynch rectified that just two weeks ago, when she returned to "NXT" to win the title from Tiffany Stratton, making her one of the select few to hold all three major women's championships in WWE. On "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Lynch discussed how important it was to win this championship, especially given how far she had come from where she was during her initial "NXT" stint.


"It is the one that got away, it is the one that I was never pegged for when I was coming up to NXT," Lynch said. "And I was very close to being fired constantly, constantly. And [it was] not like one of those things where I was unjustly on the brink of being fired ... I probably deserved to. I sucked, it wasn't very good." Having taken a hiatus from wrestling due to injury prior to signing with WWE in 2013, Lynch believes her drive to be successful hurt more than it helped when she first joined the promotion.

"When I got to NXT I was like 'Oh no, this is it. I've got it,'" Lynch said. "But it was like holding a flower ... I was like suffocating it because I wanted it so badly. So nobody, nobody, ever thought I was going to win the NXT Women's Championship. Nobody probably thought I was going to ever win any championships. They thought I was probably just going to be there and be a fine little hand. Enthusiastic little hand that I was. And so going back ... all these years later, in a way feels like vindication."


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