Street Profits Describe Bobby Lashley As Their 'GPS' To A New Level Of WWE Success

The Street Profits feel that Bobby Lashley's recent outburst at them was justified, and have discussed how the former world champion is helping them.

Lashley has been guiding the Street Profits through uncharted waters in recent weeks as they embrace their heel personas. But there was a hiccup in the relationship on "WWE SmackDown," where Lashley criticized them for losing, and demanded they return their suits. On the recent edition of "The Bump," Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins opened up about Lashley and how they need to be more decisive.


"Truth be told, I hesitated [in the match with Mysterio and Escobar]. That was a golden opportunity to take advantage and I felt like I was already in control," said Dawkins. "At that point, in that moment of time, I was thinking, 'Not like this, not like this.' But how many times can me and him always take the high road and then get the bottom end of the stick? Sometimes you kind of wonder if Bobby was just the GPS to get us to that said place and I made a suspect left and went the opposite direction. Now, what he said was true. We got to be able to pull the trigger."

The former "SmackDown" tag team champions lost to Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar on last week's "SmackDown," following which a disgusted Lashley hit out at them backstage. 


Ford on how Lashley is helping the Street Profits

Montez Ford, too, thinks that Bobby Lashley's scathing attack on them was warranted, and went into detail about how Lashley is trying to help them. He even referenced Jimmy Uso, who has been trying to forge alliances. 


"He's [Lashley] ushered us to this new realm of finding ourselves. For a very long time, we've had success but at a certain point, it seems like we've plateaued," revealed Ford. "I feel like Bobby is trying to show his way of trying to usher us into a new level, a new era, a new realm, a new zone. Sometimes it's okay to question a couple of things when you're hesitant about it. Especially if you've never traveled that path before. You don't want to end up in a Jimmy Uso situation where you burn so many bridges you can't travel, but tread lightly and figure out, 'What's happening here? Is this what we're doing?'"

Ford backed his teammate and stated that one loss doesn't define them as a team, and was optimistic that they will bounce back in the future. Lashley seems to think highly of the duo as he recently stated that they have more potential than anyone else in WWE. But, it remains to be seen if they can co-exist, which WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is seemingly not confident about.