AEW World Champion MJF Opens Up About 'Rejection Sensitive Disorder'

After spending most of his career as one of the most despised pro wrestlers on the planet, AEW World Champion MJF has shown a new side of himself over the last three months after becoming friends with Adam Cole. Though plenty of aspects of MJF's old persona remain, Cole's influence has led to MJF embracing his adoring public, or "poors" as he calls them, and he has taken to calling himself "the people's scumbag."


So why did it take MJF so long to embrace the fans? The champ dived into it during an interview with "WrestlePurists," noting that he had long kept people at arm's length due to a condition called Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, a symptom of ADHD and a condition MJF referred to as rejection sensitive disorder. He was quick to credit Cole for helping him deal with the condition, though he noted there were still bad moments.

"This is not me like messing around," MJF said. "I just wasn't ready to accept love, and I know that might sound insane to anybody. I had been f****d over so many times in my life, and because of my rejection-sensitive disorder, you know, I already have my arms up at all times. I always when I leave a room, I think everyone is talking s**t about me, always constantly, constantly in my own head."


MJF Credits Adam Cole For Helping Him In His Battle With RSD

"And I knew If I completely let myself out there and I wasn't accepted, it would have killed me, I wasn't there yet mentally. But honestly my friendship inside and outside the ring with Cole, I really learned a lot as far as just being more open. Look I still have my bad days right? The entire arena was chanting Tofu at Jay White, and I heard literally one guy say 'Come on Jay, you got this' and immediately I was like 'F**k, does everybody hate me?' which is insane, but that is how my brain works. And I'm trying to be better, I'm trying to get better. And Adam had a lot to do with that big time as far as me allowing myself to let the fans be a part of this journey with me."


Not long after the interview, MJF took to X to comment on his Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, including how it made him feel he would be betrayed if he ever opened up to anyone. In true MJF fashion, he would close the tweet by thanking fans for the support, as well as a "screw you" to all those who didn't support him.

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