Konnan Explains Why He Thinks AEW Will Sign Former WWE Star Matt Riddle

Since he was part of a wave of cuts from WWE in late September, there's been plenty of speculation regarding Matt Riddle's future in pro wrestling, or even MMA

On the most recent episode of "Keepin it 100," AAA booker Konnan was asked about whether Riddle was someone who could be signed by AEW. The lucha libre legend believes that AEW owner Tony Khan will take a chance on Riddle for one reason.

"I just think, unfortunately, I don't think Tony can help himself," Konnan said. "He's like ... it's almost like you're a sneakerhead, and the new sneaker comes out and you just have to have it," subtly comparing Riddle to a new pair of Jordans. 

Despite seeming down on the idea of signing Riddle, Konnan wasn't entirely critical of the former UFC and WWE star, going as far as sharing kind words about Riddle he was once told by Dominik Mysterio. Even still, Konnan isn't sure Riddle is worth the trouble after a bizarre incident at New York City's JFK Airport was brought to light by Riddle himself.

"Obviously he's kind of a rebel ... and he lasted this long because he had talent and he was over," Riddle said. "But I guess that s**t that happened in the airport was the straw that broke the camel's back."

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