MJF Shares Lengthy Response To AEW's Highly Criticized Storyline Development

While there was plenty to unpack from last night's head-to-head battle between "AEW Dynamite" and "WWE NXT," one moment has stood out amongst the fray as the most controversial and polarizing of the night. That moment would occur during a segment between MJF and Bullet Club Gold, when BCG member Juice Robinson pulled out a roll of quarters with MJF's name on it, vowing to knock MJF out with it.

The moment, a call back to past MJF promos where he revealed he was bullied as a child by having rolls of quarters thrown at him, has since been criticized for being anti-Semitic, and for being poorly timed due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Today, MJF took to X to respond to the criticism, including comparisons being made between last night's angle and controversial former WWE star Muhammed Hassan.

"Muhammad Hassan was portraying an evil Muslim terrorist," MJF tweeted. "I'm actually Jewish. I've actually gone through this. This is my real life!!!!! MY STORY! And I Look forward to giving Catharsis to every single person who's ever been oppressed or bullied."

MJF Looks Forward To Hard Conversations Started By Controversial Dynamite Angle

"If you think I'd play with that or take it lying down or WORST OF ALL Hide from the hard conversations like a coward... You're on crazy pills."

MJF stated he was looking forward to "the hard conversations this starts and creates," as well as educating people on the angle's subject matter. The AEW World Champion also indicated his wrestling career was an attempt to stand up to injustices done towards people classified as different, and that with this storyline, he would attempt to show that pro wrestling could tell a story like this, calling people's wariness of it "an indictment on things that have happened in this sports past."

"I look forward to bringing this sport into the present," MJF tweeted. "I look forward to knocking Juice Robinson's teeth down his throat. And most of all I look forward to getting back the Triple B!"