AEW Newcomer Adam Copeland Explains Wanting To Maximize The Time He Has Left

Adam Copeland has found himself a new home at AEW since bursting through the curtain at WrestleDream, and he's already making his mark, beefing with his long-time friend Christian Cage and defeating Luchasaurus in his first AEW match on "AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday." But Copeland isn't satisfied with just that, as he's looking to make his AEW run, likely the last run of his career, a memorable one.

And part of making it a memorable run, as Copeland discussed during an appearance on "Talk is Jericho," is leaving wrestling in a better place. That, and new opponents Copeland has never encountered in a wrestling ring, are his biggest motivating factors going forward.

"I want to help," Copeland said. "And in coming here, it felt like [I could] help the wrestling industry as a whole more. Because let's face it, WWE's going to be fine. Here was going to be fine, whether I came here or not. But I just feel like here I'm going to get that opportunity to really get in and try and move the product forward, and be a part of that.

"That's really exciting, instead of kind of coming in once every three months or something ... and again, I've never faced Claudio, Moxley, Joe, MJF, Omega, Adam Page, whoever's yelling next door, FTR, Young Bucks, [we've] never touched. There's two years worth of stories right there ... So that's really what I plan on doing, is just maximizing however much time I have left, and really just going for it, like kicking the doors off and 'Let's go.'"

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