Bianca Belair Explains Why Bayley Is Her Favorite WWE Opponent

Since getting called up to WWE's main roster in 2020, Bianca Belair has been in the ring with Bayley more than 60 times across television, PLEs, and live events. During her recent appearance on "Baby, This Is Keke Palmer," Belair was asked about other wrestlers making choices on the fly while performing, or "throwing monkey wrenches" into the situation, with the WWE star citing Bayley as an example of a performer who frequently adds an element of chaos into the mix.

"My favorite person to wrestle is Bayley," Belair said. "I would say she's the one that throws the most monkey wrenches out there, but they're funny monkey wrenches. ... [You'll be] in the middle of wrestling Bayley — she'll jump out [of] the ring and grab the microphone and start going off on everybody in the crowd. She'll grab a sign and rip it and throw it in the ring. You're like, 'Wait, what is going on?' You kind of just have to go with it."

Bayley and Belair have shared a number of important moments in the ring together, with Belair once revealing that she broke down crying after their match together at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Over the summer, both Belair and Bayley looked back on some of their previous championship matches when WWE made the decision to re-brand the "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championships into their current forms.

Belair has been off TV since August, but the word going around is that the former champion is on her way back soon. Belair may even return to WWE as soon as this Friday's edition of "SmackDown," according to reports from earlier this week.