Eric Bischoff Weighs In On WWE Repackaging Brian Pillman Jr. As Lexis King For NXT

Lexis King, formerly Brian Pillman Jr. in AEW, is set to make his WWE debut this week during "Halloween Havoc". Eric Bischoff addressed WWE's divisive decision to change the second-generation star's name during the "Strictly Business" podcast. 

"I like it, I really like it," he said before adding, "I think it gives him the best shot possible to break through. I really, really do. I was impressed, very impressed. Amazed to see where it goes, I like it." 

The son of the late Brian Pillman, King had used his father's surname since his in-ring debut in 2017. He signed with AEW in July 2021 shortly after his deal with MLW expired, but he departed in July this year and was later reported to have tried out with WWE. He officially signed with the promotion in August, and after a few weeks of videos, which saw Pillman watching and rejecting his father's legacy, Pillman debuted on "WWE NXT" as Lexis King. He has already made his in-ring debut, working two non-televised matches against Brooks Jensen and Riley Osborne on October 13th and 14th respectively. While some have made their feelings known on the omission of the Pillman name, King's new moniker does similarly pay homage to his family, taking Alexis and King from his sisters Alexis Reed and Skylar King.

Bischoff isn't the only one impressed by the new persona, as "Busted Open Radio" hosts Mickie James and Tommy Dreamer both felt that the new name was a smart way for the second-generation wrestler to differentiate himself from his father, and also that King's words had a modicum of truth in regards to what the wrestling business takes from families like Pillman's.