Baron Corbin On Death Threats After Executing Vince McMahon Idea: 'Totally Worth It'

WWE star Baron Corbin has revealed that a moment he had with a women WWE star led to him receiving death threats from fans. 

Corbin, during her recent appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," mentioned that him landing the End of Days on Becky Lynch was Vince McMahon's idea. The "WWE NXT" star performed his finisher on "The Man" at Extreme Rules in 2019, where Corbin teamed with Lacey Evans to face Lynch and Seth Rollins.

"That was Vince's idea. I was shocked when I got to the building. And it was in Philly, which I knew they were going to go nuts for," said Corbin. "It was just like ... crazy, and like the death threats after all, worth it. Totally worth it."

The former United States Champion highlighted the severity of the death threats he received following his finisher on Lynch, and how the moment caused many to be angry at him.

"Like my Instagram messages and Twitter and all of those things people were like, 'Dude, I'm gonna stab you the next time I see you for what you did to Becky.' People buy into what we do," said the "NXT" star. "That's the art of what we do can ... suspend disbelief. Can we make people think what we're doing is 100% real, and then people bought into that moment. They're like, 'A grown man put his hands on a woman. I want to fight that guy.' It invoked this rage in people and it was awesome."

Becky Lynch is special: Corbin

Baron Corbin went on to praise Becky Lynch in the interview, recalling the moment that made her "The Man," and how he was certain that using his finisher on her would work because of her presence.

"We have such an amazing group of women on our roster that can compete with any of the guys out there. They're incredible athletes, their physicality, their drive, and Becky's at the top of that list," said Corbin. "What she brings to the table is so special and I knew she could handle it. When I told her, she's like, 'Yeah, just give it to me,' and like she's going to be fine. She is a badass. Period. I mean, what made her an icon, standing at top of a stairwell with a bloody face holding her hands up, saying give me some more. Like, that's the attitude she brings to the table and so I know she could take it and we did and it was awesome."

After Corbin executed the End of Days on Lynch, a furious Rollins struck Corbin several times with the chair, followed by three stomps to secure the victory. While both Lynch and Rollins retained their titles, Brock Lesnar — who held the Money in the Bank contract — made a shocking appearance and cashed in his contract on Rollins to win the Universal Championship.