Scott D'Amore On Impact/TNA Potentially Collaborating With NJPW & AEW

There's plenty on Impact Wrestling President Scott D'Amore's plate at the moment. The long-time Impact head just oversaw the promotion's 19th edition of Bound for Glory, a tour of the UK in late October, and now a rebranding of Impact back to its original name, TNA Wrestling, that will take place in January. In between it all, D'Amore is also looking to continue the promotion's various working relationships, most notably with NJPW and AAA, whom they'll be having a cross-promotional show with on November 26.

D'Amore was asked about Impact/TNA's various working relationships during an interview with the "WrestleSlam Podcast." The former Team Canada head made it clear that the promotion is willing and ready to work with any promotion, including a promotion like AEW, whom Impact/TNA had previously worked with back in late 2020 and much of 2021.

"We're always open to collaborating, whether it's with large companies like AEW or New Japan or AAA, or whether it's more regional promotions," D'Amore said. "We've done a lot of collaborations large and small. As long as it's good for the business of both companies and something that excites the fans, then we're definitely open."

Even still, D'Amore admitted that the collaborations, and even the recent U.K. tour, had been secondary focuses for Impact, largely due to how long the rebranding to TNA has been in the works for.

"We've just been so engulfed for a good part of this year with getting ready for this TNA Wrestling announcement. It's been something that's been in the works since February. So I think that I think has really excited people domestically in North America, and also around the world. I look forward to getting out to all of our fans out there."

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