AEW World Champ MJF And Wrestling Personality Alicia Atout Confirm They Are A Couple

MJF and Alicia Atout have confirmed via X that they are an item. On Friday, "The Devil" shared a photo of himself in bed snuggling with his beloved cat Piper and the YouTube personality, along with the list of opponents who've been gunning for his AEW World Championship in 2023. MJF admitted that defending AEW's top prize from the longlist of wrestlers can be "mentally taxing," and that he's found ways to maintain his sanity. "Find things that keep you Sane. Like cats and pirate hookers," MJF wrote. A little later, Atout quote-tweeted MJF's post and wrote, "Ahoy." 

MJF and Atout go back a ways. Besides being colleagues in MLW, where Atout worked as a backstage interviewer for several years, they also had several interactions on Atout's A Music Block Yeah (AMBY) vlog when MJF was active on the independent circuit. Furthermore, they were recently spotted attending the same New York Mets game, sparking rumors of their longtime friendship turning into a courtship. 

MJF was previously engaged to his longtime girlfriend, artist Naomi Rosenblum. However, in early 2023, during his rivalry with Bryan Danielson, MJF — in typical MJF fashion — referenced the breakup via a promo segment, stating that his fiancé dumped him since he wanted to have kids with her. It was later confirmed that the breakup was legitimate and that MJF wasn't working fans, to garner empathy, for the sake of a wrestling angle. Meanwhile, Atout was previously in a relationship with Richard Holliday, whom she also managed on MLW television. It would appear that Atout and Holliday ended their relationship at some point earlier this year.