WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Would've Loved To Be Part Of This Attitude Era Storyline

WWE's Attitude Era was full of wild angles, but perhaps no angle got crazier than "Stone Cold" Steve Austin being run over by a car at the 1999 Survivor Series. That night also happened to be the very first pay-per-view Kurt Angle wrestled on, with the future WWE Hall of Famer scoring a win over Shawn Stasiak early on the card.

On a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle discussed the Austin angle and if he was ever under consideration to be the one behind the wheel targeting Austin. But Angle was so new to WWE that he believes the promotion never looked at him for the spot.

"I wasn't on TV yet, and I don't think they were considering me," Angle said. "Actually, I would've loved to have had that storyline. How would that be — coming into the company, and your very first program is against 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin because you ran him over with a car? That would've been really cool. But it didn't happen."

Ultimately, the mystery of who ran over Austin would take over a year to reach its conclusion. Angle went on to win the European, Intercontinental, and WWE Championships in that time. Later, it was revealed that Rikishi was the man behind the vehicular assault, initially claiming he "did it for The Rock." However, it was tweaked down the line that the attack was orchestrated by Rikishi and Triple H.

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