Photo: Grayson Waller Shares 'New Profile Pic' With Kevin Owens From WWE SmackDown

Ever since he burst onto the WWE scene, Grayson Waller has done everything he can to make himself insufferable, both to his co-workers and to those outside of WWE. And at the risk of drawing even more ire, he's decided to immortalize one moment where he crossed the line only a few days ago on "WWE SmackDown." On Tuesday, Waller took to X to reveal his new profile picture. The photo wasn't a generic photo of Waller either, but instead one from this past Friday, where he poured a full water bottle on the head of Kevin Owens while the former WWE Universal Champion was doing commentary. The incident occurred after Waller was defeated by LA Knight, and along with friend Austin Theory lashed out after Owens made fun of the duo.

As one would expect, the move wasn't the smartest Waller had ever done, as Owens would proceed to attack him and Theory afterward, though he claimed it was due to Waller throwing the water bottle at commentary partner Kevin Patrick. It wasn't all bad news for Waller, however, as Owens would subsequently be suspended for the incident, as he had been warned by "SmackDown" GM Nick Aldis to avoid confrontation with any wrestlers while serving in a commentator role.

Ever one to push his luck, Waller also mocked Owens shortly after Aldis issued the suspension, making today now the second time he has poked the bear. The length of Owens' suspension wasn't clarified by Aldis on Friday night, meaning Waller and Theory at least have one week without having to worry about Owens getting his revenge against them. In the meantime, Waller did suffer a reprisal of a different kind today, after WWE's Cathy Kelley responded to his tweet with a quality roasting.