WWE's Sami Zayn Explains Relating To Judgment Day's JD McDonagh

Sami Zayn and JD McDonagh have hardly been friends during their time shared together on "WWE Raw," something that's unlikely to change now that McDonagh is officially part of The Judgment Day. But even though they constantly find themselves on opposite sides of the ring, they may not be so different after all. That's at least how Zayn sees it as he shared earlier this week on WWE's "The Bump."  

"I can relate to it to an extent, because it was kind of a similar journey for me with The Bloodline once upon a time where, having a member — especially the dynamic with him and Damian Priest — having someone who didn't quite trust him," Zayn explained. "So I can relate to all that. And you can say a lot about JD McDonagh, but in the ring, he is an asset to that team ... And now that he's an official member, it's a different situation."

"So again, these are just curveballs that are kind of coming our way and, in the final stretch of going into WarGames, it makes it all that much more unpredictable," he continued. "I don't know, it's just stuff you have to keep your eye on. I didn't see that coming as well. I didn't see this thing with Drew coming, and I didn't certainly didn't see JD McDonagh becoming an official member of The Judgement Day this past Monday."

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