Zoey Stark Picks Fellow WWE Stars She'd Want On Her Team In A WarGames Match

Zoey Stark is only a few days away from potentially the biggest match of her career, as she's set to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women's World Championship at WWE Survivor Series 2023. The PLE will also feature both a men's and women's WarGames match on the card, and while Stark is more than fine with her Women's Title match, a WarGames match is something she'd be interested in down the road, as she revealed to Wrestling Inc. in a recent exclusive interview.


"I would absolutely love to be a part of something like that," Stark said. "I've always... Let's see, in NXT when it was in NXT, I think I was supposed to be in it, but then I got injured and then the following year it got moved to main roster. So I was a part of the Iron Survivor Challenge match and now this year I'm with Rhea Ripley, so hopefully some point down the line I am in a War Games match."

As for who Stark would like to team with in a future WarGames match, she interestingly didn't name former mentor Trish Stratus or former NXT Tag Team Championship partner IYO Sky. Instead, Stark named her current tag team partner, two rivals, and an upcoming NXT talent as potential candidates.

"I'm going to throw Ivy Nile in there right now because she's a very good friend of mine," Stark said. "I absolutely love Ivy... I feel like Shayna would be very good to be on the same team. I want to say her name, but I really don't want to say her name. Rhea Ripley, I got to give her credit. She's dominant. She's a badass...And then Becky Lynch, she's always fun to be around. She's another badass in there."