MLW's Court Bauer Gets Candid About Wrestlers 'Selling Out' And How It Affects Others

The world of Major League Wrestling never stops moving, and recently, neither has the controversy surrounding the promotion regarding talent wanting out. Over the past month, several wrestlers in MLW have requested their release, from former MLW Tag Team Champions Lance Anoa'i and Juicy Finau (who got it), Arez and Aramis, (who got it in the most bizarre way possible), and former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone, who remains with the promotion after his release was reportedly rejected.


Despite all the controversy, MLW owner Court Bauer wants fans to know that talent's side of the story isn't the only side to things. And during an appearance on "Busted Open Radio" last week, a day before Hammerstone returned to MLW programming at MLW Fightland, Bauer had some pointed words on the subject.

"We honor our commitments, so when we're paying the guys and they're happy, that's great," Bauer said. "And when they all of a sudden know they can get paid somewhere else [and] they want to leave, it's like 'Well wait; what about our commitments too? We've honored them ... What do I tell the networks? What do I tell the toy company? What do I tell the fans when they don't get a satisfying ending to the storyline because you want to just take off and leave town?' In the '90s, that was called a sell-out. Now, it's like 'Oh no, f*** the companies, it's just about the talent.' It's like, 'Well, my whole life's savings in this.'


The other side of the story

Bauer admits that talents asking for releases and not honoring commitments was just part of how wrestling had changed in the modern era. That didn't stop him from continuing to rail against it, with the MLW promoter not only claiming that wrestlers put him in a bad position, but that their lack of commitment affects the people behind the scenes at MLW in production, toys, and other departments.


"The people in production, they're committed, their families are invested," Bauer said. "And these guys skip down and they want to dip out, they're f*****g not just me, they're f*****g all these people ... all the passion they put into making the toys, all those things ... there's a ripple effect to that. But it's happened so many times, and I don't cry about it, it's just the realities of the business, and it's changed. Like, I think a lot of promoters take the high road and are just like 'It is what it is.' And once you hear one side of the conversation, you don't hear the other side."

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