Bully Ray Suggests Crazy Way For WWE To End Survivor Series 2023 WarGames Match

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray feels that the return of CM Punk at Survivor Series in Chicago would be the perfect way to end the show.

This year's Survivor Series is one of the most hotly-anticipated in recent memory, with a number of major storylines set to culminate in Chicago, Illinois. Two separate War Games matches — one for the men and one for the women — will see some of the biggest names in the company set foot inside the hellacious structure in a bid to put an end to their feuds.


The main event will see Judgment Day take on an all-star babyface lineup headlined by Cody Rhodes and the return of Randy Orton. However, the proverbial black cloud that hangs over the top of the show is whether CM Punk will make his return to WWE. Bully Ray said on "Busted Open" that that could be a perfect way to tie everything together. 

"Now that we know Randy is the fifth guy, do you think that stops people from chanting CM Punk? They could have the best of both worlds right now if Punk is involved," he said. "I'll create a scenario for you, if you want to talk about grabbing people's attention ... you do the War Games, babyfaces go over, babyfaces are hands raised and out of nowhere, [Orton hits the] RKO on Cody and 'holy s**t, what just happened' and everyone is in complete shock –- and then hit 'Cult of Personality.' Punk comes out on the stage, go off the air."


Reports have indicated Punk will not be appearing, but there is expected to be a smattering of fans hopeful of seeing him. 

Bully Ray suggests potential WrestleMania opponent for CM Punk

After being terminated from AEW after a rollercoaster two-year run, CM Punk has been linked with a move back to WWE, leading to the likes of Nick Aldis and Corey Graves speaking positively about the thought of working with Punk in WWE. 


While there would be plenty of fresh faces for Punk to work alongside or against in WWE, Bully Ray believes there is one man who would be the perfect opponent at WrestleMania 40, should all parties come to an agreement in time.

"Punk with fits with somebody huge on the roster and would be a huge WrestleMania match — Seth [Rollins] is the one that said, 'F Phil, stay where you are Phil, we don't need you Phil,'" said Ray. "Well, could you imagine if Phil comes back and on Monday Night Raw, Seth is out there and he says, 'Well Seth, Phil is back, now what?' There's something there. 

"All you have to do is give Punk the microphone and have him remind everybody. Punk still has that something special where people will listen to what he has to say. I don't think the WWE needs CM Punk right now and I think that if the WWE brought back CM Punk ... I think it's more for a giant middle finger to AEW and I don't think they need to do that."


Punk's last on-screen appearance for WWE came at the 2014 Royal Rumble, after which he walked out prior to the next night's "Raw."

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