Freddie Prinze Jr. Makes His WWE Survivor Series 2023 Predictions

Former WWE writer and potential future wrestling promotion owner himself, Freddie Prinze Jr., has made his picks for Survivor Series: War Games ahead of WWE's premium live event on Saturday, emanating from the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois. On his "Wrestling With Freddie" podcast, Prinze put over The Judgment Day for all their hard work, collectively, when things seemed to be going all wrong for the stable.


"Their whole story got blown up when Edge got hurt before Edge went to AEW and they kind of had to fix it on the fly and they've done a great job and Finn really stepped up big time," Prinze said. "Damian Priest, we know who he is. Dominik was a wonderful surprise. But Rhea Ripley became the star and the lead of that show, so to speak.... And they've just done a wonderful job with this."

Prinze made his prediction for Team Judgment Day, which includes Balor, Priest, Mysterio, and new faction member JD McDonagh up against the team of Cody Rhodes, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, who is returning after going through serious back surgery, and Sami Zayn, for whom Prinze expressed his love.


"My crush on him continues," Prinze said. "He's the best. I love Sami Zayn. He's the heart of the people. He's the John McClain of wrestling. You guys know John McClain from 'Diehard,' that's Sami Zayn basically. We love him and I think they're going to win. The Judgement Day is going to take a loss."

Intercontinental Title Bout

Prinze also gave his prediction for a match he said he was very much looking forward to, the Intercontinental title bout pitting champion GUNTHER against The Miz. He said he believes that GUNTHER has already proven himself as a formidable force in WWE.


"[GUNTHER] has chops like a wrecking ball. He really gets the crowd into the match. They're always very involved in everything he does. People have really committed to hating him and respecting him," Prinze said. "And then there's the Miz, who has been the consummate professional for this company. He has lost to so many people and only needs to get a couple wins to be credible enough again to then get the next guy over."

Prinze said Miz is in a "real match" with a guy who called him a joke and it's gotten a rise out of him, referencing Monday's episode of "WWE Raw" where the champion and challenger engaged in a war of words in the middle of the ring. Prinze also said he hopes this match ends in some kind of "shenanigans" for the sake of future programming.


"I would have liked to see this story drawn out a little more," Prinze said. "I hope this isn't the end of the story. I do think GUNTHER is going to win the match because there's no reason to take the belt off of him right now. He's doing wonderful."