Nikki Cross Reacts To R-Truth's WWE Return At Survivor Series 2023

People are still buzzing about Saturday's big return of, not Randy Orton, not CM Punk, but R-Truth. The former WWE United States Champion made his return to WWE in a backstage segment advertising the Survivor Series sponsor, Ruffles. Nikki Cross took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her joy over the return of the former WWE 24/7 Champion and take a bit of responsibility for her part in trashing a significant part of his legacy.


"I'm so happy @RonKillings is back," Cross wrote. "I do feel like I got some explaining to do though." Cross accompanied the tweet with a picture of her discarding the WWE 24/7 Championship in the garbage. 

Then-champion, Cross disposed of the title belt on November 7, 2022, retiring the title and ending the marathon of lower-card talent chasing the green belt. R-Truth holds the record for the most reigns with the title at 53, though one title win that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic is not recognized by WWE. However, even at 52 reigns, he's still well ahead of second-place Dana Brooke, who held the title a mere 15 times.


Before Saturday, Truth had not appeared on WWE programming since November 1, 2022, just days before Cross disposed of the title. Truth suffered a serious leg injury, which cost him a match against Grayson Waller. As it stands, there is no word on whether R-Truth is officially returning to WWE programming or if Saturday night's appearance was a cameo. The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion is currently listed as an active member of the roster.