WWE HOFer Kurt Angle Says These AEW Stars Are Either 'Dumbasses Or Crazy'

Ever since it occurred nearly two weeks ago at AEW Full Gear, the Texas Death Match between Swerve Strickland and "Hangman" Adam Page has drawn plenty of polarizing responses. Some have lauded the match, while others have criticized it for excessive violence while questioning whether that type of match has a place in wrestling. And now WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is throwing his opinion into the mix. On "The Kurt Angle Show," the Olympic Hero, who doesn't appear to have seen the match yet, was asked about whether a match like Swerve and Page had a place in the current wrestling landscape.

"I don't mind that happening every so often, every blue moon," Angle explained. "But when you start doing that week after week, the fans start to expect that out of you, and then you're going to have to produce it every week. And that's going to take wrestling back, they're going to take a big step back if they do that because wrestling is about telling a story. It's not about beating the s**t out of each other with weapons. And don't get me wrong, there's a place for that, you just have to be very careful about how many times you do it. Do that every once in a while, every blue moon, and continue to wrestle, continue to tell a story in a wrestling match. That's the most important thing."

After having some events in the match described to him, including the use of a staplegun, Angle had some more pointed words for both Page and Strickland."They're dumbasses," Angle said. "Either that or they're just crazy. You know what, they're both talented wrestlers. They don't need to be doing that stuff."

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