Booker T Addresses Potential WWE Royal Rumble Return, Showdown With GUNTHER

Royal Rumble season always gets the rumor mill churning on potential and surprise returns. From potential legendary figures making the walk one more time to "NXT" call-ups or even outside names making their debuts, the WWE Universe will dive straight into full speculation mode about who might appear in the annual marquee match. While Cody Rhodes is so far the only Superstar to confirm his entry into the 2024 Rumble, Booker T is now throwing his hat in the ring for possible participation.

"I might get an invitation this year, I might get another invitation to the Rumble," he said on "The Hall Of Fame" podcast. "I'm going to tell you right now — I'm in shape and I've been training." 

The "WWE NXT" commentator was a surprise entrant for the 2023 men's Rumble. However, he lasted less than a minute before being eliminated by the Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER. "I want a rematch, I want a rematch with GUNTHER," he said.

After his cameo appearance last year, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer claimed he was retired from professional wrestling, going as far as to put his ring gear from the night up for sale. Booker T stated that he was blown up from the ring entrance alone, pushing the idea that he wanted to focus on just being a coach for his Reality Of Wrestling students. However, Booker T has been a surprise entrant three times over the years proving that anything is possible with him and the Royal Rumble. 

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