Tony Khan Comments On QT Marshall's AEW Departure

Earlier this week, AEW star and producer QT Marshall announced that he would be leaving the company by the end of this year. Marshall has been with the promotion since the beginning and once served as the right-hand man to Tony Khan. In a recent interview with the NY Post, Khan commented on Marshall's departure and what the future might hold for the 38-year-old.


"I really, really like [QT Marshall]," Khan said. "He has very high aspirations and rightfully so. He's a very talented person. He's got a great mind for wrestling and he's a very talented wrestler."

Khan also complimented Marshall for the way he conducts himself personally, stating that he cares about the people working around him. However, it seems the two sides couldn't agree when it came to what Marshall wanted out of his future.

"He also does want to have an in-ring career," Khan continued. "I think that's important to him and he is someone that offers a lot to any company and I have only very positive things to say about QT."

Following his announcement on Monday, reports emerged offering up various reasons for Marshall's departure. That includes what Khan said, that Marshall is looking for a bigger wrestling role, and what Marshall hinted at in his statement — that the company is heading in a different direction than what he envisioned.


Marshall was a close ally of Cody Rhodes while he was still in AEW, and the two run the Nightmare Factory training school together. Rhodes commented on Marshall leaving AEW on Tuesday, emphasizing the importance of his role in the promotion over the last 4 years.

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