Why AEW's Billie Starkz Sees Herself As Wrestling's Betty White

At 19 years old, Billie Starkz has already had a career that some 19-year veterans wish they would've had. Over the course of her five-year career, she has built up a name for herself in promotions such as GCW, and MLW, and most recently, has found herself becoming a budding star in both AEW and Ring of Honor. Given her age and all that's still left to accomplish, it makes sense that Starkz wouldn't be thinking about retirement any time soon.

During an interview with "Covalent TV," Starkz was asked whether she had given any thought about hanging up her boots at a younger age, due to her early start in wrestling. At least right now though, she wants to keep wrestling for as long as possible in order to become the wrestling equivalent of one of Hollywood's most beloved icons.

"I made a joke about this because I'm smart with my money and I was like, 'What age could I retire by if I continue making this money?'" Starkz said. "And I was like, 'Hmm, I could retire by the time I'm like 45. But in my brain, I won't retire until I'm like 90, because I'm going to be like the Betty White coming down the ramp. 'Hey, powerbomb me off this table real quick!'"

Starkz could take her next step towards becoming wrestling's Betty White at ROH Final Battle next week when she will take part in arguably the biggest match of her career to date. The former "Minion in Training" will take on Athena, her former mentor, with the ROH Women's World Championship on the line.

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