Konnan Weighs In On QT Marshall's Departure From AEW

Late last month, QT Marshall announced that he is leaving AEW by the end of 2023. Having played a significant role with the company behind the scenes almost since its inception, Marshall's influence was said to have diminished over time, and the QTV leader reportedly wants to be featured more onscreen moving forward. Somewhere Marshall has been featured prominently is in AAA, where Konnan is heavily involved. Speaking on his podcast, "K100," Konnan offered his take on the situation between Marshall and AEW.

"I know for a fact this had been building up," Konnan said. "He gets paid very well, but he was very frustrated because he does a lot of stuff, and Tony [Khan is] the type of guy who changes his mind last minute. ... He only listens to top guys, which some of them don't have the best interests of the company at heart."

Konnan complimented Marshall's work in AAA and expressed his disbelief that Khan didn't have any ideas on what to do with the performer. The former WCW star said that it took a lot of guts for Marshall to walk away from his position and, as much as he'd like to keep working with him, he thinks Marshall will go to another promotion.

Until quite recently, Marshall held the AAA Latin American Championship after winning a four-way for the vacant belt at TripleMania in August. He defended the championship in numerous promotions, including Ring of Honor, as well as returning to AAA. Octagon Jr. defeated Marshall at AAA Guerra De Titanes on November 19 to become the new champion.

It was previously reported that Marshall had been working for AEW without a contract for some time before signing an extension with the promotion through the end of the year. Once those obligations are fulfilled, Marshall will become a free agent.