Mickie James & Thunder Rosa Discuss Seth Rollins, CM Punk Feud In WWE

Former WWE star Mickie James is excited to see CM Punk and Seth Rollins feud in WWE, while AEW star Thunder Rosa believes the real-life heat between the two is mostly Rollins' fault. 

On a recent edition of the "Busted Open Radio," James and Rosa discussed the likely feud between Rollins and Punk, as well as Rollins' reaction to fans chanting the newly returned WWE star's name.

"This comes [the real-life feud between them] when Seth made some statements, very, very strong statements about CM Punk, and now that he gets the mic, of course people are going to say [chant] CM Punk when he's [Rollins] talking," said Rosa about Rollins goading fans when they chanted for CM Punk. "He's [Rollins] feeding into it because this is going to make it even more ... some real heat right here."

James agreed with her co-panelist by stating that it was Rollins who began the feud with Punk, but stated she's keen to see how the feud turns out.

"I will say, I look forward to a CM Punk-Seth Rollins match. You know that match, regardless of whether they like each other, hate each other, respect each other [or] don't, no matter what, you know that match is going to be phenomenal," said James. "Seth kind of like started that fight, and we didn't really know [about] Punk coming in, who he is going to feud with first," said James.

Rosa reiterated how Rollins was the one who began the feud with Punk, a long time before Punk joined WWE, and also joked that it was fun to watch Rollins become mad when fans chanted Punk's name. Rollins was visibly irate following Punk's return at Survivor Series and has taken a few shots at him in recent interviews and live events. But, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion has revealed that he could mend fences with the controversial star