Kevin Nash Shares His Personal Feelings On Phil Brooks, AKA WWE's CM Punk

CM Punk's return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames has brought up some good feelings and a ton of baggage from his first run. That includes a 2011 feud Punk had with both Kevin Nash and Triple H, which saw "The Game" defeat Punk in a singles match. Furthermore, it's been insinuated that Punk's departure from WWE in 2014 was partially fueled by what happened during the program.

During the most recent episode of "Kliq This," Nash discussed the 2011 program after it was brought up via a fan question. Nash made it clear that he didn't believe the events of that year would have any bearing on Punk's current run in WWE. He also looked to set the record straight regarding his own feelings toward Punk, which have come off as polarizing in the past.

"I'm quite sure that Phil [Brooks] doesn't remember getting beat by Paul," Nash said. "I'm quite sure Paul doesn't remember booking it. And [now], people [are] remembering I was supposed to work with CM Punk, and it never happened. But now, oh my god. The Ouija board, f*****g finally, has moved into place. I'm like, 'Are you f*****g kidding? How is that news?'

"It was a month. It was six weeks where that took place where they...that Paul took my spot to wrestle Phil...I always look at it's like when someone says, 'You really hate CM Punk.' Immediately, my mind goes immediately to someone that's 16 years old. 'I hate you! I hate lima beans. I hate, I hate.' When you get to 64 years old, I don't got to f*****g hate anything."

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